Vulnerability Assessment Fundamentals for
Virtualization and Cloud


Thursday, 13th Dec 2012

Available sessions:

European time zone: 14:00 UK GMT
US Pacific time zone: 10:00 US PST


20-30 min plus live Q&A


Justin Lute, Product Manager, Virtualization

Getting virtualized and cloud assets properly scanned for vulnerabilities can be challenging. Machines may be rapidly deployed, copied, moved, and deleted; virtual and cloud networks are often isolated from your physical network; and you may not have access to the virtualization and cloud management tools to even know what is there. 

This session provides a primer on virtualization and cloud technology, best practices guidance for scanning, as well as tips on how to use technology integrations to get better visibility and control than you have for physical assets. VMware and Amazon EC2/VPC technologies will be the primary technologies under review, but the lessons are applicable to all virtualized and cloud environments.

Attend this session to learn the best practices of combining virtualization and vulnerability management in a small to midsize business environment.

A live Q&A session will follow.

Webcast Recording Available

Listen to the recorded session (US)

Listen to the recorded session (EMEA)

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